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Welcome to Ani's Best Gourmet Delights


My joy is sharing my pastries with everyone I know.

It started out as a hobby, in search for that perfect Baklava. It evolved into a fundraiser for my church, and now I offer it to everyone including my friends and soon to be friends.  Those who have taken a bite of my Baklava have said "this is the Best Baklava I've ever had"; It's Buttery. Flaky & Nutty, to which my son said "Just like you Mom". Nice kid!

I have expanded and now I also offer Catering Services. Over the years I have experimented with my Mother's Traditional Armenian recipes. Satisfied with the results I now offer them to my past, present & future clients.

Yalanchi Dolma, Cheese Boreg, Spinach & Cheese Boreg, Lahmajune, are the perfect finger food for any gathering, from Baptism, Baby/Bridal Shower Luncheon to Rehearsal Dinners. Pick up or Delivery.

Full service catering is also available, call Ani 619-889-1459 or e mail anilanuza@yahoo.com

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